About El Transito and Olas Clandestinas

A small secluded fishing town on the Pacific coast, between Managua and Léon. It’s a very well kept secret but not for long!

100% authentic Nicaraguan village with very friendly inhabitants. The new restaurant in town, Las Olas Clandestinas, is perfect for lunch with fresh fish, burgers, fries, fruits, salads and it’s right on the beach.

The beach isn’t crowded and is the perfect surf spot. Good waves every single day.

Fishing trips, surf trips.
You can fish as you travel between your surf trips or snorkel and see the ocean treasures.

Surf trip:
Going 30 mi up or down to different surf breaks along the beach.

Fishing Trips:
Line fishing from an overpowered panga. Hang on tight as you break through the surf.

Go oyster hunting or hunt for your own lobster.

Visit natural volcanic tidepools.

Horseback riding $10/hr pp.